Move meter outside

How do I arrange to have meter moved to outside wall. And what is the cost?

Hi @Rising_hurst32, Bulb can arrange moving meters and I believe it’s at a cost of approximately £100 for electricity and £140 for gas.

If you do not already have a meter box or other place outside for the meter to go in, I believe this is something you’d need to get someone else to install for you in advance.

Best to give them a ring (0300 30 30 635) to confirm the costs and any other details regarding getting this sorted.






I’ll guess moving it outside is further than the “1 meter” range applicable to suppliers. You’ll probably need to contact your gas transporter whose details are either on the meter itself (if it’s a relatively new meter) or can be found via (the gas transporter is who actually gets your gas “from the grid” to your house). According to , it’ll cost at least £400 and could be over £1,000 - but the transporter will give you more details.

From another suppliers website:

". If your gas meter is in a meter box that is partly below the ground, you’ll need to pay for a Gas Safe registered engineer to reconnect your internal pipework.

When you contact them, you’ll need to tell them:

The full address of the property
The property owner’s name and telephone number
Your MPRN number – you’ll find this on your bill
Details of how far you’re moving the meter"

@Rising_hurst32 Hi there - these guys are right, to move a meter more than 1 meter, or to move a meter either side of a wall, you need to contact your local distributor who can arrange for the supply point to be moved before we go in and move the meter for you. If you have any questions about this, give us a quick call on 0300 30 30 635 from Monday to Friday (9:00 am to 6:00 pm) and we can chat about it :slight_smile:

or to move a meter either side of a wall
I was not aware of this point, noted!

[pedant] I believe we’re talking about moving a meter a distance of more than one metre. [/pedant] :wink:

[pedant] I believe we're talking about moving a meter a distance of more than one metre. [/pedant] ;)

We are trying to get our gas meter moved by more than a meter and being passed back and forth between Bulb and the shipper Contract Natural Gas, who are both adamant that it’s the other’s responsibility. Any suggestions on how to break the deadlock, anyone?

@AndyW, I’d recommend asking Bulb if they can talk to the DNO directly.

Pretty sure Contract Natural Gas are talking rubbish though:

They’d normally just charge for it, so I wonder why they’re trying to pass off responsibility.