Ive moved home but still own other house which is gonna rented out.
How do I switch to new house & get tenants to stick with bulb

Hello @Tyrone8381 ,

There’s actually a 'whole section (well three articles) on the Bulb help center about moving home - . But basically (and this is summarised), log into your Bulb account and click the ‘Moving home’ button (with a pictogram of a lorry: it normally appears next to your address after a couple of seconds) and just fill in the details. You’ll get a final bill in about 6 weeks once everything is settled down.

The new owners/occupants will then be on a ‘deemed contract’ with Bulb when they move in (they should receive paper documentation about this) which basically means they’ll be on a month-to-month rolling contract with Bulb (like all of us actually :wink: ) on Bulb’s standard variable rate (like all us again! :wink: )

As a land lord though, you can ONLY dictate the utility company used if the tenants pay you directly for the gas/electricity and then you are responsible to Bulb (or other provider) for paying the bill. If they are responsible for paying the usage (and have their name on the bill), then they can choose their own supplier - hopefully they’ll be happy with Bulb, but it’ll be their choice (see for reference).