Moved from British Gas

Hi There
I moved from British Gas to Bulb using the Uswitch service around the middle of August. I have a meeting reading on 23rd August.

I have around £200 credit with British Gas. Will they automatically send me a cheque now that you have cancelled my account? Or do I need to speak to British Gas myself?


Hey @ian2920. We sent both your readings to your old supplier on your supply start date,23 August, but it’s normal for the reads to take around 6 weeks to reach the old supplier, as they go through various third parties from both sides to be validated.

The gas and electricity industries operate separately, so it’s possible they can arrive at different times.

Usually, the final bill takes around 6 weeks from the switch date to be sent out by the old supplier, so don’t worry that you’ve not had it yet.

When you get the final bill, they can refund you any credit you may have with them.

Do get in touch if you’ve still not had it by the end of September and we’ll take a look :slight_smile: