Moved from two rate to smart meter, what do I pay now?

I depend on cheap overnight electricity for all my water heating, and had naively expected to be able to move straight to the smart tariff on getting a smart
meter. But having had one installed I now realise that’s not possible.

Now the two rate meter is gone, am I still going to be billed the two rates as before? Or is bulb now going to revert to a single rate until I can get onto the smart tariff? I literally cannot afford to pay for my hot water at daytime rates at the moment so this is an unexpected and unwelcome problem.

Thanks for any info!

Hi @Maxc,

Not to worry, if you were on a two-rate before we would install a smart meter that would also be configured to a 2-rate agreement. This will be the same pricing as before too.

You would need to request to change the meter t be configured to a 1-rate for that to occur.

Oh brilliant news, thanks @Noah_at_Bulb. Now I just need to get the electricity showing as it’s gas only at the moment. I filled in the reset form earlier today.

Perfect, if your still having issue getting a reading. Please let me know and I will get this sorted.

Thanks @Noah_at_Bulb, it still isn’t showing any electricity either on the IHD or on my account. This is after filling in the reset form a couple of days ago. The zero gas reading you can see in my account is correct. Maybe something is wrong with the transition from the two rate meter?

@maxc It can take a few weeks for the meter exchange details to filter through to our system from the installing contractors, and gas & electricity come through separately. Once we have the electricity smart meter details on your account we can look into getting your In Home Display Unit to be fully functional.

To double check that your meter is still two-rate, please could you take readings using the guide in the link here?

Unless you’ve been told differently for any reason by a colleague you should also be able to apply to change to the smart tariff once the meter exchange details are in our system.

Hi @Matthew_W_at_Bulb thanks for getting back to me.

I’m having a hard time working out whether this meter is in two rate mode. It’s a Landis & Gyr model with A and B buttons.

Holding down A for 2 seconds switches on the backlight and lets you cycle through the different readings by tapping the same button repeatedly. There is definitely no mention of Rate 01 and Rate 02 anywhere in the available numbers. I checked the manufacturer’s user manual and they should appear here.

However… when the meter goes back to sleep it says “Rate 01 Act Imp” and a value of 238kWh which is less than the “Total Act Import” of 319kWh. So maybe it is in two rate mode after all?

To me it looks like the meter is in two rate mode locally but it has not been sent a two rate tariff. The credit balance is way too high.

I know you’re having a hard time there but it really isn’t your fault if the meters and the rest of the infrastructure is this badly designed! I can’t afford to pay daytime rates for my hot water so if you can help resolve this I’d greatly appreciate it.

@maxc It sounds like your meter is on two rates, otherwise there would just be a rate 01 display. It may be that on your meter rate 02 only shows during the off-peak hours so it’s worth checking this if you’re up within that time window.

If this isn’t the case let us know here and I’ll email you so we can discuss further, however you should remain on the two rate tariff and it sounds like the smart meter has remained as two rate

@Matthew_W_at_Bulb you’re right, it only shows the off-peak reading in the dead of night! And if you press the button to wake the display because it’s 1am and it’s dark, the reading disappears. Amazing. Thanks for your help.

Glad we could get to the bottom of it @maxc Hopefully your meter will send us regular readings automatically and you won’t need to check it again

Hi @Matthew_W_at_Bulb, I’ve patiently waited two months and unsurprisingly it still isn’t working. The smart meter only shows gas and your website is still asking for my meter readings from the old meters. Can someone sort this out please?

Hi @maxc I’m sorry to see this issue hasn’t been fixed.

It looks like we need to add some missing meter details to our system. Please could you send through an email with a photo of the green card that should be with your meter to

Hi @Matthew_W_at_Bulb, thanks for coming back to me. Photos should be in your inbox now, but there’s no green card I’m afraid. Do you have a record of my final electricity readings from the old meter?

Is there any update please? Last time of asking.

Great, so now I’ve got the hassle of changing suppliers to deal with. Thanks, Bulb.

It isn’t best to rely on the forums with bulb staff. give them a call. (03003 030 635)

The green card should look like this: image


It might have been left in your consumer unit (fuse box)

Hopefully, yours doesnt day “we were unable to complete the work” though :frowning:

Hi @maxc. Unfortunately, Matthew has been on annual leave which is why your email hasn’t been actioned. I’ve just replied to you.

Thanks @izzyhunt for the helpful info :grinning:

That response was at lightspeed!

I could say the same to you! :cloud_with_lightning:

I too was told to go to a smart meter and then I would be switched to a single rate. After being given different answers as the switch did not happen.

I rang another provider and it can be done. Why do Bulb not have the capacity to do this? They seem to think it is acceptable to ‘fob’ customers off.