Moved House But Forgot To Submit Readings

I moved house yesterday and totally forgot to Submit the last meter readings. Unfortunately I can’t go back there either to grab them!
Anyone know if Bulb will take an estimated read instead? I’ve had an email saying that if I did not submit and reading then I would potentially pay for the new tenants’ electricity. Thanks!

Hi @Jonny5,

Not to worry! Is your landlord or estate agent able to obtain some final meter readings for you? From there you can email or call us on 03003030635 to give the readings.

It is true though, we recommend always trying to get some final meter readings as we never want you to get charged for energy you didn’t use (wouldn’t be a great experience)!

Hey Trevor, thanks for this! Unfortunately I wont be able to currently (not a very good experience estate agent-wise)
Would there be a way for Bulb to take an estimated reading up until yesterday?

Hey Jonny, yes not to worry! An estimate will be generated and this will be used as your final meter reading if one cannot be provided :smiley:

Thanks Diane, that’s absolutely amazing. My last day was yesterday, would I have to formally request an estimated read or would that have happened automatically? Thanks again!

No problem at all! So as your move out was requested for the 22/9/2020, a final bill shall be automatically sent to you within the next 2 weeks :+1:

If you are moving into a new property that is supplied by us too, please do submit your opening meter readings upon your switch date, and at least once every 3 months to ensure that your bills are as accurate and close to your usage as possible.