Moved House-new home has gas/electic cards

Hi bulb,

We moved house today and we have just realised that our new home has gas and electric that is topped up with a card and and a key at a local shop. We’d like to switch our account with you to our current address-we just paid via monthly direct debit before-can we still do that with you??

Hi @NiaMaryC18 ,

Your new property has what is called ‘pre-pay’ meters and you can switch to Bulb with those - just sign up as per normal and select ‘Pay by card/key’ (if you sign up with your existing email address/password, Bulb will be able to associate the two accounts together for you). If you would prefer to pay by the slightly cheaper Direct Debit instead of having to top-up at shops etc.

If you want your meter to be swapped, Bulb can do it once you’ve been with them for a month (I don’t know if this timing restriction applies to you previously had Bulb at a different address or not), but there will be a charge of £120 for the engineer to come out to swap the meter -

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