Moved house

I have recently moved house and my online account is still linked to my previous address not allowing me to see payments on my new address or update metre readings. How can this be changed to show my new address?

Hi @Archie24 ,

It’s my belief that properties are tied to email addresses+password combinations. If you entered a slightly different email address or password for the new house when you signed it up, but are logging in with your ‘normal’ details, only your old property will show up. If you do a ‘Reset my password’, you may be able to get both accounts using the same details.

If both properties are under the account, I believe there should be a drop down selector (or similar) by the address for you to select the property.

Worse case scenerio, contact Bulb directly via email at (other contact details available at ) and they’ll be able to check/fix things.