Moved into house but was used as a business before, want to get onto domestic rates asap please

Hello there, we have recently bought a house that used to a business (was a physiotherapist) but the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and everything else was in original state and got planning permission to turn it back to a house. We recieved letters from Bulb saying they were our supplier of gas however struggling to get in touch with someone to change from a business tariff to domestic.

We’re currently dealing with someone via email at Bulb and says they’ve changed it across but the account still has business tariffs and we got a estimated bill the other day when we haven’t used any gas. Don’t mind the standing charge but no gas its used as we’re fitting new appliances.

Please can someone help or put me in the right direction.

Many thanks.


Hi @ben3 :wave: Welcome to Community :partying_face:

It would be best to speak to our business team in this case who should be able to assist you further with getting this sorted. You can either email them at or give them a ring on 01138591350

– KT :bulb: