Moved into house with a debt and when put new card in, Debt not cleared and unable to use Gas

Hi, I have Just moved into a house that uses bulb for the gas in the house, I got a new card for the gas and it registered just fine, I have just topped up the gas with £20 and when ive put the card in, its showing that there is £340 worth of debt on there and was not cleared after activating a new account onto it which happened with the electric with another company. Is there a way of clearing the debt and would this stop the gas from working completely

Morning @quickzelite,

Welcome to community :wave: and thanks for your post!

Sorry to hear about the debt on your meter. We are here to help with this but we will need to request a series of information before we can get this sorted.

Please could you drop us an email to help@bulb.couk with:

  • Your tenancy agreement
  • Meter screens showing the amount of debt
  • Photos showing the credit balance
  • Any receipts for top ups that you have made (that were clearing a debt that wasn’t yours)

For gas - we need photos of the Credit screen, (OWED) screen and screen (27).

  1. To activate the screens insert your gas card - the meter will read ‘Please wait…’, beep once, and then show how much credit is on the card.
  2. Take the card out, and press and hold A until they hear another beep.
  3. Press the red A button to scroll through the screens - you will need to press A each time you want to move on to the next screen.
  4. Confirm which screen the debt is on and the amount of debt that needs to be cleared.

Let me know if you have any questions about this and how you get on

– Daisy :bulb: