Moved into new property, Setup Bulb account as requested.. Cant submit readings or view any bills

Since moving into a property on 24/9/21 upon creating my account as requested in the Bulb Letter it has gone from account created to your account is closing, i cant Submit any meter readings or even setup a payment… yet i have entered these details on creating the account first off…

previous tenant appears to have an outstanding £1000 bill… does this have anything to do with it? my Quote for energy was £197 per month based on last tenants usage… This is an Absurd number for a one bedroom flat.

Your office hours are not friendly to people in the road haulage industry hence getting old of anyone on chat or phone is a royal pain…

Hi @T00L,

Welcome to community :wave: Thanks for your post!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your account. You can always contact us on community or via email at out of our 9-6 working hours.

I can see there is a duplicate of your details. If you potentially tried to sign up twice? I’m not sure what has happened there.

I have just sent you an email with the sign in details to the account set up from the 24/09/2021. You should be able to set up your password and login to see the readings and update your payments and statements.

Yes - the high monthly statement will be based on previous usage in the property. As soon as we have a full months work of usage from you, we can look to reduce it down to something more suitable. The more readings you are able to submit, the more accurate our estimations will be in the absence of a reading.

Please take a look at the new account and let me know if you have any further questions.

– Daisy :bulb:

Account appears to be working now, if i submit my starting reading and subsequent readings say each week for example then surely my actual bill should be accurate at the end of the month and not a gross over estimation that i was quoted?

or should i say, will you be refunding the money you’ve taken when i leave as £216 quote is disgusting.


Hi @T00L :wave:

Your billing cycle runs from the 24th till the 23rd, e.g. your first bill will be from 24th September to the 23rd October. Therefore the best time to submit a reading will be on the 23rd or 24th because it means we’ll have a reading to close your billing cycle on, rather than having to use an estimate.

If you did want to submit more readings throughout the month that would be great, because the readings we get the more accurate your payment amount will be as well as any future estimates we have to use.

– Meg :bulb: