Moved out my house, but cant find option to show you my new address


I moved out of my property on 31/5 and my account confirmed that’s the last day. however, I cant find an option of telling you my new address so as to carry my credit forward over to the new property.

how do I do this? I cant find the option anywhere.

Thank you,

Hi @joseph.nelson.555 and welcome to our Community :earth_asia:,

Unfortunatley, you’re not able to transfer one account over to a new property.

If you moved out of your last property on 31/5, we will issue your final bill within 6 weeks (typically takes around 2/3 weeks) and any remaining credit will be refunded to you. So please, do not cancel this direct debit as this is how we refund the credit.

Then for your new property you will simply need to sign up through our website again:

A switch takes 21 days, so if you’ve already moved into your current property there will be a small period that you will owe the supplier who currently provides energy to this property.

Therefore, it is best to give the other supplier a ring or contact them through email/live-chat and let them know the date you moved in and the first reading. Then on day 16 of your switch to Bulb we will ask for your first reading which we will send to the other supplier and they will use this to create a final bill.

If you have any more questions, please let me know. :bulb:

thanks for the swift reply.

why would I pay for June in advance when you already hold £90 odd credit?

I cant give my final meter readings, I am no longer at the property.

Hi @joseph.nelson.555

Is the £90 or so credit you’re referring to on your original account with us?

If so then unfortunately we won’t be able to move that over to your new property’s account, we need to keep them separate. We’ll also need that credit there ready to take the final bill from.

Don’t worry about not being able to get final reads. We’ll either estimate them for you, or it might be worth contacting the landlord/estate agent/new tenant if you have their details. They might be able to get some updated readings for you.

Any other issues or questions just let us know :slightly_smiling_face: