Moved to a new house and need to order an IHD, any advice?

I have recently moved to a new house and as they were previously supplied with Bulb, we have continued with them. I would like to order an In-Home Display to monitor my energy usage in real time. I’ve tried via the chat functionality (never anyone available) and called but the instructed message informed me that they are prioritsing faults and vulnerable customers just now and to contact the chat function on their website. However, anytime I try that, it tells me there are no operators available to help.

Is there any other way to get one of these ordered?


Same here!

Just moved into a property and I have a smart meter but no IHD either.

Apparently bulb are struggling with IHD stock, but there is a waiting list.

I would also like to be added to said waiting list, hopefully someone from the bulb team will come along to this page and add us both :+1:

Hope that helps in the mean time.

Hi @alistair.hutton @drock - I’ve sent you both private messages about this now!

Whether or not we can replace an IHD depends on the type of smart meter you have installed at your property and if this is compatible with the IHDs we use.

If we’re receiving smart readings from your smart meters, then you should also be able to see usage information in your Bulb accounts here:

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Any chance you can help me out please - I had smart meters fitted last July and am still waiting for my IHD! The engineer that installed them told me I’d receive one in the post a few days later - it’s been 7 months and every time I ask I just get told I’m on a waiting list. Just how long is this list?!

I know that you’ve messaged them privately, but will this lead to a delivery of a new IHD? I’ve tried multiple times over the past year to order a new IHD as the previous owners took it, but I’m repeatedly told that support are working from home and and that I’m on a list to order one.

I haven’t been asked about the type of meter I have, though it’s smart and you’re receiving updates every 15 minutes. Is it actually possible to have a new one ordered at all?

Hi @Melski1989,

Thanks for letting us know and sorry you haven’t yet had an IHD.

We’re still working remotely so unable to send out IHD’s unfortunately, but if you’re on the waiting list, we’ll send one out to you as soon as possible.

@chandler3224 The smart meter itself needs to be one that we’ve installed or is compatible with out systems, or the IHD will not communicate effectively. I can see you’ve been added to our waiting list as well and we’ll also send you a new IHD as soon as we can.

All the best,
Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

@Freya_at_Bulb Hi Freya. It’s been a few months now, what’s the plan with the IHD waitlist? I’ve just had an email from Bulb that they’re increasing my DD by £50 even though my usage has gone down, so obviously I’d like to get an IHD to help me track this. I’ve been on the waitlist for around a year now.

Hi @chandler3224 :wave:

We’re sorry for the delay with this. We’re finalising our plan to distribute these IHDs across the country and are performing checks to make sure that they will work when received.

Cara :bulb:

HI, I have a SMETS1 meter however no IHD, can I please be issued one from Bulb now so I can monitor usage easily from the IHD.