Moved to a new property and my electric quote seems a bit high

Hello, I’ve been using bulb for gas and electricity for years now. I’ve just moved to a new property, 3 bedroom house, 2 occupants and have been quoted £125 per month for electricity alone (mainly evening and weekend use).

Is it just me but even with the price increases does this quote seem to be a bit too high! I’ve been emailing bulb and had a few replies but the responder didn’t seem to have a god command of the English language so it’s hard to understand what they are telling me. Wondering if it’s worth looking for another supplier!

Your quote will be likely be based on the usage of the previous occupants. I think they look at the previous 12 months usage of the property. If you’re usage is less you should be able to reduce your payments. Not sure whether Bulb can set them lower to begin with.

Thanks for responding, That’s good to know. Even with the price increases we were looking at about £60 to £70 per month for electric in our previous property so to get a quote for £125 per month, even though the amount of elec we use won’t change did come as a bit of a shock! (No pun intended).

Your response was really helpful. Not sure why Bulb employees can’t give straight clear answer like yours!

Hi @Hutchy :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear that your experience with Bulb at your new property has not been great.

As @norman7115 has said, the quote we have given will likely be calculated by looking at recent usage in the property, as well as similarly sized properties in that area. It’s possible that we haven’t entered your personal previous usage into the quote calculation, so the best next step would be to give us a ring on 0300 303 0635 so we can use your previous usage and information about your property to try and give a more accurate quote.

-Luke :bulb: