Moved to Pay Monthly no first bill after over 3months

We moved from PrePay to Post Pay, back at the end of August, and still to this day haven’t been asked to setup a direct debit, or received a bill.
I have asked Customer Services to help, and I get the original contact email then nothing…
The portal is showing we are still on Pre Pay.
Getting a bit worried we are going to get stung for a big bill.

When going to the App it wont sign us in as it says we have a prepay meter still.??

Any help much appreciated? or is this usual? Have we made a mistake going with Bulb?

i am in the same situation and really struggle to get help
also can not get assess to warm home discount application ither

Hi @mozzahome,

Welcome to Bulb community! :partying_face:

I’ve just set up your new invoice account now, I identified then fixed a few issues that were preventing us from creating your pay monthly account.

The issue has been resolved now, you should receive your next bill on the 24th December (as it lines up with your smart meter installation date on the 25th August).

You should be able to set up a payment method through your Bulb account now :relaxed:

Also, apologies if you receive some statements regarding your old prepay accounts, I just wanted to reassure you that you won’t be charged anything our systems have to send them from time to time! :sweat_smile:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via live chat or if you have any queries!

Hey @madlen,

I would like to give you a warm welcome to Bulb community too! :grin:

We’re more than happy to help you, are you unable to access your Bulb account to fill in your Warm Home Discount application? If so, could you get in touch with us via live chat / email in / social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) we’d love to help you with your application :relaxed:

Thanks for your help @Trevor_at_Bulb

So what do we do about payment, as we dont want a large bill and be expected to pay it all at once for something that was caused by Bulbs internal system.

Hi @mozzahome,

We’ll never ask you to pay for outstanding energy usage in one lump sum as long as you have a regular direct debit set up, which I can see is activating. Thanks for setting that up.

So you won’t need to pay for your August to December usage in one go, but probably is worth setting the amount to reduce the debit from this period and pay for upcoming usage. Or alternatively you could make a one off payment later on at a time that suits you. It’s up to you how you manage it.

Hope that helps.