Moving a gas meter

Hi, how do I go about getting a quote to move my gas meter - is this something you arrange, do I have to contact British Gas, or can I use a private Gas Safe contractor. Am I able to get a smart meter as part of the process?

Hi @RobB we’re able move your meter less than 1 meter from its current position for a fee of around £100. If you’d like to move your meter more than 1 meter you’ll need to contact your gas distributor which is Cadent. Their number is 0345 835 1111.

Hi John, the meter is on the inside of an external wall and we want it moved to on the outside of that wall so less than a meter, but will need a cabinet to be installed - still same price?

@RobB If it is from an internal wall to external this will have to be done by Cadent as there is too much pipework that would need to be moved.