Moving an electric meter inside


I need both my gas & electric meter moving, gas from inside to outside (approx a metre through a wall), electric from outside to inside (approx 2-3 metres through a wall).

I have contacted the gas/electric contractors who have given quotes for the cable moving but will need Bulb to move and connect the meters in there new positions but have some questions if someone can help. I did email but have yet to hear back and have tight timescales to get this done.

  1. How much will this cost?
  2. What lead time is needed once the main contractors give me a date for the work for bulb to come out?
  3. What are the restrictions we need to bear in mind for the internal electric meter as we prepare for the work to be completed? Eg: is there a height restrictions for its placement; do we need to buy anything specific?
  4. What needs to happen next to get this organised with bulb?

Thanks! Sammy

Hi @SammyA ,

Looks like you’ve done most the work covered in :

You'll first need to contact your local gas and electricity distributor. You need to have a chat with them about the work you want to carry out and their availability to do it. This can be quite costly but they will be able to give you precise breakdown. - this website will help you find out who you need to call.

Then you can give us a call to let us know when you have arranged for the initial work to be done. We can organise for your meters to be moved on the same day. This will be £120 per meter.

And you’ve already emailed them ( see How to get in touch – Bulb for other contact details) - I’m sure Bulb will respond shortly with the specific information for you.

As for positioning etc, I found (page 13 onwards) which might be useful - it’s more aimed at house builders/developers and is for a specific distribution company, but it might be good guidelines.

Hiya @SammyA

In order:

  1. An electricity meter reposition will be £120, gas would be £185.21.
  2. For gas we need at least 7 days’ notice. For electricity, as much as possible - more notice is always better.
  3. If we’re not replacing your electricity meter, then there just needs to be enough space for the meter, the cut-out and the fuse board to all fit comfortably. Basically - how your electricity metering set up looks now, we (and the distribution network) will need at least that much space on the inside wall.
  4. We’d want the dates from your electricity & gas networks, ideally with morning slots. We’d then arrange for our operators to go over on the afternoons of those dates and reattach the meter to the new supply point.

Thanks Caspar - are we able to contact your electric people to chat to them about the new meter placement to make sure it is allowed before we get this work booked in? I’m not sure if we’ll also need a new meter as it’s pretty.old so would be good to get them to look at our current one. Thanks.