Moving and prepay gas meter

My house has been sold and completes tomorrow. it has been empty for 2 years! It has a prepay meter which has had some credit added in the past but I do not currently have the card as it has been lost.
How do I submit a final reading?

Hi @sirchatalott

Welcome to the Bulb community, and congrats on selling the house! Two years is certainly a long time :house_with_garden:

As the meter is a prepayment one, you don’t need to worry about submitting a final reading. Standing charges may have built as debt on that time, however, so it’s worth checking the OWED screen. Otherwise, if there’s credit leftover if you take a photo we can get it reimbursed.

I’ll also make sure another card is sent out. If you could leave that for whoever has bought the house that would be perfect.

I think there was a debt of about £26 on the meter.
The reading is 206.
I handed the keys back today so dont have access to the property anymore. That is why I asked the question.
Also how do I get a final account for my records, if there is nowhere to record readings, payments etc.

Hi @sirchatalott,

We don’t do records as such from prepayment meters, as we don’t take readings we can’t really monitor this as closely. What is it you are look for specifically? We might be able to help with certain bits of information.