Moving and switching

Hi there, I’m moving into my new home on the 19th October, and I would like to switch to Bulb. I’m not an existing customer. Is it possible to set up the switch in advance (so that Bulb will be supplying electricity from the 19th October, not before), or can I only do this once I have moved and am in my new home? The current electricity supplier to the property is SSE. I tried to sign up online, but it appears this is only relevant if you are already in the property. Many thanks, Leila

@hihi07 Legally, it’s a bit of a no-no to switch a property before you’re liable for it, so I’m afraid we’ll have to wait until you’ve taken over responsibility for the property before you switch to us.

You’ll still have electricity supply during this time, but it’ll be supplied by SSE until the property switches to us.

Ok, that’s great, thanks for explaining