Moving directly to Bulb Tarrif from Prepay Meter with other supplier


I am currently with EON prepay and want to move to Bulb but on quarterly tarrif not prepay, is this possible or do I have to switch with EON to tarrif first?



Hi @terenceknowles and welcome to our Community :bulb:,

Is your current meter a smart prepay meter or a traditional prepay meter?

It’s traditional.

Thanksfor response.

Hi @terenceknowles

In that case you’d switch to Bulb initially still on a prepay tariff. After a month we can run a soft credit check, if you pass we can then look to book a smart credit meter installation (paid by monthly direct debit).

We did have to pause smart installations due to the coronavirus, and are in the process of restarting them now, so there may be a slight delay depending on when you switch.

I hope this makes sense, if not let me know if you have any questions

Thanks, just to be clear the tarrif is the same for any system with Bulb? So I’d pay the same kw/h on either topup or credit.

Can you tell me if I decide to change provider from Bulb in the future is there a fee and would it make any difference if on topup or credit?

Hi @terenceknowles,

So the tariff does vary slightly between prepay and credit. You can see the difference by entering your postcode at the bottom of this link, and the selecting/unselecting ‘I have top up meters’ to see the difference:

In most cases, credit has a cheaper standing charge but prepay meters are cheaper per unit.

What about the leaving fee?

There is no leaving fee, so you would be free to leave at any point with no penalty.