Moving from a home that we own and will rent out

Hi there,

We are renting out the home that we own and have lived in, where we currently have a bulb account. We don’t have a tenant yet, but expect one to hopefully be in by 1st april.

Also we’re moving to a house that we would like to have bulb as our supplier (we’ve checked and it is possible).

please advise on how to proceed.

kind regards


You’ll still be responsible for all energy charges at your current address until such a time as you have a tenant move in. Do not complete the moving out process until the day the tenant takes responsibility for the property, even if you have ostensibly moved out long before that date.

At your new property, give your opening readings to the current energy supplier to the property and arrange payment. Then start a switch to Bulb as normal.

Thanks very much for the advice, i shall act on it!

Hi @achima_101,

@Hooloovoo is right. You can start the move out in your account now if you like, there’s a button on the homepage of your Bulb account that says ‘Move out’. Just let us know when you will last be responsible (when you know for certain) and we will send you an email reminder nearer the time to give meter readings. The new tenant will be sent a Welcome Pack by us automatically.

You should get in touch with the current supplier at the new property and give them readings before starting your switch to Bulb. We will handle everything else.

@Chloe_at_Bulb You’re three days late to the party :upside_down_face: