Moving from BG Smart Prepaid to Bulb


So we are in the process of switching from British Gas Smart Prepaid Meters to Bulb. As they are smart meters we will be put on a credit account and that is great however I have some questions.

Obviously as we aren’t going Credit->Credit there will be no final bill from BG or anything like that but instead there will be credit on the meter, does anyone know how this process works? Will the credit be refunded by BG after the switch date, am I best running the credit as low as possible/going into emergency the night before, what happens if there is no credit on the meter/meter is disconnected on the move day?

Obviously I want to ensure that it’s as seamless as possible but I also don’t want to be wasting money ensuring they are topped up if there is no need etc.

Secondly how would I go about getting the meters changed for Bulb Smart Meters? Is this possible after the move?

So we have officially switched and I still don’t know if I have done right both gas and electric had credit remaining in the BG Prepaid meter but that has now gone and I am with bulb. Our meter readings were sent off on the day of switch as I thought that made most sense but I don’t know if I did right.

Anyone on here able to shed light if what I did was right.

I’m in the same situation and supposed to have switched to Bulb today.

The Electric Smart meter updated from prepayment to credit the night before so I assume that is good? but the GAS Smart meter is still saying it is in prepayment mode and it just ran out of credit rendering me with no GAS supply and saying I am 1pence in debt.

I managed to get an answer for a different query from bulb via live chat. I believe there is a phone number too and they are open on week days 9-5. Something like this I would get straight in touch with them as can’t be left with no gas at this time of year.

Already starting to feel cold at home. So yeah. Thanks for the quick reply. Just opened up a live chat but if don’t get a reply on that will be on the phone to them.

There really needs to be more information out there about smart meters. I cant even find a user manual for the GAS smart meter .

A quick update. Bulb Live Support told me to phone Bulb on 03003030635 who then told me only British Gas can change the meter to credit and that I would have to phone British Gas on 03332029862.

British Gas then told me I have changed my supplier to BULB so they cant do anything and I need to call Bulb back again.

So right now. I am unable to top up my GAS meter or get GAS. This switch over is going just great!

Frustratingly I think they are right that only BG can change the meter but I also think the request to change it has to come from Bulb as your not a customer anymore.

Honestly this is really poor customer care, My switch over went ok but I still don’t know if I have lost the credit that was on my meter when I moved or if that will be refunded from BG, and there was an error when I submitted my first reading and I have been told tough luck basically because it’s already been submitted

credit on meter will be refunded by BG after switch(up to six weeks) and meters will be changed to credit meters by midnight by BG on night before switch as your DD will have been taken by bulb on day of switch your meters will be in credit and supply will not be cut-off

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That’s cool and all but saigoyume’s problem is that the gas meter didn’t change to credit and both BG and Bulb are saying they can’t help and to speak to the other one. How do they proceed?

That is a BG responsibility and they are not taking the blame for their cock-up

Is it though? I mean, I know Bulb ask the outgoing supplier to change the meter to a default credit configuration before it’s handed over. But ultimately the new supplier is responsible for ensuring the meter is configured how they want/need it to be configured. The fact that Bulb can’t do that doesn’t make it the responsibility of British Gas.

It does as bulb cannot change the meter only ask BG to reconfigure it is under your right to switch that they do so without hindrance

That’s the point. Bulb need to ask BG to reconfigure. That’s different from it being the responsibility of BG. The responsibility for the meter is now Bulb’s after agreeing to take the customer on supply.

It’s Bulb that are hindering the switch by not supporting smart prepayment meters.

@cezz is right, the request needs to come from Bulb as @saigoyume is not a customer of BG any more. When Bulb customer service told them to call BG, it’s just another example of poor training.

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There has been a lot of back and forth between Bulb and British Gas and no solution has been reached between the companies so Bulb are sending out a emergency meter replacement to be done to solve this issue.

Slightly worried though as part of my tenancy states I am not allowed to change meters. Not really much choice in the matter though. I’m sure the landlord can understand that.


That’s the solution I expected would have to happen.

I hope your landlord is understanding of a forced meter change.

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Seems the engineer cant work with the smart meter and is on the phone himself at the moment. He was just told to come out for a faulty meter.

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Isn’t the point he doesn’t have to work with the smart meter, he just has to remove it as if it were a faulty meter.

Being swapped to a regular meter that is not smart now.

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My apologies I misunderstood I wrongly presumed bulb asked for the meter to be reconfigured At my age I should know better than presume anything

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Landlords can not stop you from changing the meters as technically they are noy part of the property so don’t worry about this you and your family having heat is a lot more important.

Shame it took all this back and forth but glad bulb are finding a solution.

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