Moving from Bulb,had enough of eratic billing

Been with Bulb over 2 years.My monthly payments have gone up and up and are now over double per month with me still apparently being in debit!
2 months ago, they credited me with over £3000 of the payments I had made for 2 years. and sent out a completely new bill for the 2 years I have been with them.
And of course its over £600 in debit!!!
Thankfully when I joined them they installed a new meter so That was on 0, so I have proof of of my useage throughout the whole 2 years and 2months and know exactly what payments I have madeand what my useage is .
So on spending many hours checking the bills for the last 2 years and 2 months, I find I am £180 in debit ,not what Bulb are claiming.
Tried to online chat with an advisor who failed to even grasp the basics of how you read a meter and he really made me very cross with his lack of understanding and the fact his replies did not even address the issue, as he obviously could not grasp the basics.
I have given Bulb notice and overestimated my current useage with the new company and they are coming in loads cheaper than Bulb.
Bulbs billing and statement system is a complete nightmare,they have not got it right once in 2years and 2 months even with my sending regular readings to them
I thought Bulb were going to be a breath of fresh air when I joined as they “talk the talk” but in reality they are completely useless.
Just make sure you keep records of all your readings and keep a close eye on billing .
Im sure they make their billing/statements as confusing as possible so you just take their word on what they say you owe.


WIth you on that Krissie. As usage levels go down in the spring and summer, the debit gets worse! They want you to be £61 in credit ( that’s a nice sum in the Bulb bank account if replicated with every customer ). We joined on the basis that it was £89 a month and in reality, their rates are nothing like that. Replies to account queries are just some trotting out of a company line, never tailored to the individual issue, just simplistic and limp responses that get nothing resolved. Really unhappy with them.


The billing is quite shocking
We joined on the proviso of £108 per month and now they want £219 for the supposed debit we are in
I spent hours working it all out this weekend and as I said in my post we are no where near in as much debit as they claim
My statements make no sense and even though I submit meter readings well in time to be updated before the statement is issued they still estimate
Bulb are not showing as one of the better value companies anymore and theres lots of Fixed rates that are substantially better than Bulb and that is with me drastically over estimating our auctual usage
Even British Gas are coming in better now and also giving you Free Boiler and Drainage cover.
Bulb had the potential to be absolutely fantastic but unfortunately they are either using advisors who receive very little training and just read the answer from a book or they are ripping us off…not sure which…but I have put up with over 2 years of this incompetence and cant to wait to leave


I have never had any trouble using Bulb…I submit my readings monthly and at same time work out what my bill should be and it is same as the one Bulb post to my account…Keeping direct debit at suggested amount ensures that when winter arrives I am always a fair bit in credit so no larger bills to worry about.


It seemed however much I paid it was never enough. Last d/d was £250 and I am not living in Windsor Castle. I found the whole thing too stressful and was running to stand still. In process of leaving to join the eight legged one.


Same experience here. Been with them just over a year. When we came from Scottish Power they asked for meter reading and usage figures and Bulb calculated our monthly bill at £130 which was £30 less than Scottish Power. We have only electricity. Wrote to me recently to say we were now in debt by £500 despite a very mild winter . I have made a one payment towards the debt and increased the monthly D.D. too. Last week they said I was still in debt by a large amount but they promised that they would never alter the amount of d.d. themselves. 2 days ago they wrote to say they were increasing our monthly payments by £100!! We are now effectively paying double what we paid a year ago despite them setting the original fees.


Hi @krissie, @john7, @rjpunter, and @silverlotus

I’m very sorry for this experience you’ve all had.
I’m going to send you each an email now so we can go through each of your cases and investigate what has happened and what we’re going to do going forward.

We are only electric as well.


Definitely look at some comparrison sites.
If you know your usage and go for a fixed rate you may be pleasantly surprised at what you could save.

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Another peed off customer here too. Since moving to bulb just a few months ago they estimated a bill when they had photo metre readings and sent to previous supplier causing a huge inaccurate bill from them . They still haven’t sent the correct gas metre reading and I’m left facing a £400 bill for a property which has had no gas use at all in that time. I’ve sent several photo meter readings and still it’s not been done right.
Beyond unprofessional.
I wish I’d never heard the name Bulb.


I submit my readings online (2 × E7 electricity & 1 × gas) on a monthly basis (usually shortly after midnight going into the day they take the direct debit, just before retiring for the night), and I find a new statement waiting in my email inbox when I get up.

The only time it’s been “weird” was when I accidentally transposed two digits entering a reading one month by mistake (I’d done it in my own spreadsheet too [or likely made the error there, and then copied it to Bulb]).

That cockup was caught the following month when I tried to give a “lower” reading. Bulb’s online entry system just asked me to confirm that the new reading was correct, which I did.

When I received my new statement, I discovered that their computer had backed out the previous month bill (with a “statement correction”), and this new statement covered two months instead of the usual one.

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I can only agree with one of the previous posters…I give my meter readings on the 10th of each month and get a bill on the 12th, which is more or less to within a few pence of what I expect it to be, never had an issue in nearly two years of being with Bulb, I have always set my own DD amount depending on whether its winter or summer, and am usually anything from a couple of pound to thirty pound in credit. I just wonder how much they make when they take my direct debit on the 8th and it doesn’t reach my account till around the 15th??


I have cancelled my direct debit as I am £100 in credit, and I do not trust Bulb. Now I am being threatened with a £15 fine, for want of a better word, if I do not set up another direct debit.


Yes me too.I know exactly what I owe atm and its no where near what Bulb are claiming and I know exactly what my useage will be be until the end of my time with Bulb
My next DD is due to come out on 1st June after I have left Bulb and I also have received an email threatening an admin charge for cancelling my DD
I do not trust BULB to take the correct final payment and I know i will have a fight to get my money back
However if you look at the info that has been sent from the new supplier and also the online advice you will see that it clearly recommends you cancel any DD and make the final payment by other means ie Cheque/Bank Transfer etc
So certainly for me, as the DD is due once I have left Bulb then Im pretty sure that this is something else that Bulb should not be doing.
I submitted my current readings on Friday and my statement as of this morning has still not been adjusted and once again I am showing estimated readings and a balance in debit far higher than it should be
Noah from Bulb contacted me yesterday but I am still waiting for him to correct my account .
Cant wait to leave !!!


It just goes on and on. I wish I had never heard of them, I leave on 23rd June and it is not a moment too soon. My next direct debit was £225, did they really think I was going to allow that? I, like you do not trust them. The £100 is more than enough to pay outstanding bill.


Hi @greenshredman, I am really sorry to hear about this experience.

When you witch supplier, us and the previous/new supplier have to agree on the change over reads, they often always come from the ‘incoming’ supplier (this was us in your case). However it is up to the previous supplier if they want to accept them or not.

If the readings are incorrect, and you have incorrect estimated readings being used to close/open your accounts, then we will be able to raise a dispute. This process does not take us too long to raise, but it can take 2-3 weeks to sort, depending on how quickly the previous supplier gets back to us.

I am just about to send you an email about this, so we can get this sorted, please look out for it soon.

Yes we understand that however the new supplier recommends cancelling the existing DD to ensure the customer is never paying twice for thier energy.
From my final reading…that is it…I do not pay you after that date
So Bulb threatening admin fees for a DD that is due to be taken after I have left is naughty!


I’ve found them reasonable to date.
I do give them regular meter readings.
I have had some credit but have reduced my monthly payments and over time, that credit has gone down.
I try and set the payments so I have a little bit of credit, bearing in mind seasonal variations.
I think this account does need a bit of management or keeping an eye on it, but it is easy to do from their web site.


Yes my next direct debit would be approx 2 weeks after I left the, £225 + £100 they already have for 1 months supply and standing charges etc. You expect too much and any trust has long been broken. I have never had to act this way before with any company I have dealt with.

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I had a long email from Noah yesterday saying how they had made many mistakes on my account, leading to a bad situation. I was careful to send meter readings ontime.