Moving from Bulb with nonfunctional Smart Meters

Hi, has anyone moved to another supplier with the Bulb-provided SMETS2 meters while they’re not actually ‘smart’ (ie not sending readings)? (Or know anyone who has).

Ours worked for 6 months perfectly then, two months ago, they’ve stopped sending readings to Bulb and the IHD can not connect to the meters and just reboots every 90 seconds.

I’ve been waiting 2 months for Bulb to reply to any of my messages about it, with no luck. So have finally accepted it’s not going to be fixed.

But I was wondering whether it’s an issue that would be fixed by switching supplier, or if I’d just end up with someone else and still have a non-smart smart meter?

Hi @MortBM

I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems and that no one has been able to help you with these yet.

The IHD reboots as a response to a drop in the communication network between the smart meters and the IHD, as it attempts to pick this connection up again.

It is highly likely that this is impacting the capability of your smart meters to send us meter readings.

We have a fix for this, whereby we do a reboot of the communication hub which would solve both of the issues you are having.

If you send me a private message then I can take your details and look into this for you.

Hi @Elliot_S_at_Bulb

I’ve send a private message. If you can sort this for me it’d be great, as I’ve mentioned I’ve been waiting 8 weeks to hear back from Bulb outside this forum.

I understand people are working from home and there’s some exceptional circumstances right now, but if @Elliot_S_at_Bulb or anyone else could get back to me on this it would be appreciated?

Hi @MortBM,

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from Elliot just yet. I’m going to send you an email so we can chat about this today.

Hi @Chloe_at_Bulb, thanks for the email - I’ve replied with the info you’re after.

Hello Chloe,can you send me a PM,and maybe I can give you the info you need and maybe you can get my gas meter working,please? electric is ALL OK,RSVP,Regards,Ray

Hi @redw756389 , I have just sent you an email about your smart meters, please reply directly to that email if you have any questions. - Sam

Cheers to the Bulb team on here. My IHD is now seeing the meters again. Hopefully the readings will be going to them automatically again too.

After over two months sending, and waiting for responses, over email this was fixed in one step thanks to this forum. I think Bulb still have some lessons to be learnt here, but all thanks for the help I received - and I know where I’m going for help the next time something goes wrong (definitely not the contact page).

Hi @MortBM,

Thanks for your kind words about our Community, I’m glad we got your problem sorted :smile:

We’re hoping to make big improvements across our emails and other support platforms as we know we have been lacking in these areas recently.

Feel free to drop by again soon. :wave:

Chloe, Are you able to help me, my IHD did work then it went into the permanently resetting situation I did speak to someone who did something but I am now only seeing my gas usage and it looks as if you cant see my smart meter as I am being asked to supply meter readings.



Hi @Royf21,

It sounds as though your electric meter may not be connected to the smart network. I’m going to email you and we’ll have a look at the account.

Received your e-mail and I replied to it but nothing heard since then! Still no electricity readings on IHD

Hi Roy,

I emailed you back this morning. :slightly_smiling_face: