Moving from E7 Tariff to Single Rate version


My property has a Two rate meter and therefore I have been signed up to the E7 version of the tariff. However, I’d like to be on the single rate version, is this possible to change? I was told this was possible when I enquired before coming on supply, but now that I am on supply, I cannot see this as an option anywhere in my account?


I believe bulb have stopped providing that option now and you may have to pay for a new meter. Some of the bigger providers will allow you to still amalgamate the two readings into one.

Hi @DH18. @aejolliff is right. We are unable to migrate your E7 meter onto a one-rate tariff. This is due to Ofgem regulations. It might be worth waiting until we roll out smart meters later this year and we can get a one rate meter installed for free.

Other suppliers may be able to provide a one-rate tariff for you E7 meter. I’m sorry that we can’t.