Moving from economy 7 to standard rate electric

We are currently on an economy 7 meter due to previously having overnight storage heaters but these didn’t work for us because we were out of the house all day. We have upgraded to modern electric radiators but I would like to come off the economy 7 rates… is this possible?

Hey @kerry.beveridge Welcome to Bulbs community :wave:

To move to a single rate while being on a smart meter we would add you to a waiting list which we have just done for you, once our smart team review this we will be in touch over the year when this tariff change is live.

If you would like to speed this up we would need to replace your meter directly which comes with a cost, this starts at a minimum of £120, if you would rather do this, let us know.

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl,

Thank you for getting back to me. Do you know how long the waiting list is? Also what is the standard single rate, if the difference is significant enough and the waiting list is huge it might be worth the £120 but at the moment I don’t know what I’m comparing against.



Hi @kerry.beveridge :wave:

I’ve listed the two different tariffs, which will come into effect on the 1st April when our prices increase…

2 rate
Electricity Day Unit Rate: 31.3666p per kWh
Electricity Night Unit Rate: 20.2209p per kWh
Standing charge: 51.7114p per day

1 rate
Electricity Unit rate: 28.4078p per kWh
Standing charge: 51.6254p per day

You’ll see there’s a slight difference in the day rate.

When it comes to savings, I guess it depends how much energy you use during your off peaks times.

– Meg :bulb: