Moving from Economy 7

If I decided to change my electricity agreement to a single rate rather than a day/night rate what would that rate be? Would standing charge remain the same? If, based on my usage over a period, it would be cheaper to switch to a single rate for all electricity supplied, would you advise me of that?
Tim Pearce

Hi @tim3029 good question! Your Electricity Unit Rate would be: 13.001p per kWh and the Electricity Standing Charge would be the same at: 24.56p per day (£89.64 per year).

We would advise that if you are using less than 40% of your energy at night, then it would be worthwhile moving onto a single rate tariff. If you want to find out how much you use when, then take a set of meter readings at the start of the week, and another at the end, and then look at how much you’re using when.

If you would like us to move you onto a different tariff then just let us know.

Thanks! Laura