Moving from Gas Combi boiler to air source heat pump/electric heating

We’re considering moving from a gas combiner’s boiler to an air source heat pump for the heating which using electricity. Having already moved the cooker from gas to electric, it would then mean that we have no gas appliances in the house. How does this situation work? Does the meter get capped and then no more gas charges? Does the meter get taken away, and the pipe capped at that point?

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Realise your post is from quite a while ago but just wanted to check in. Did you get the air source heat pump/gas meter sorted?

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Thanks for following up.

We decided the cost to moving to an air source heat pump was a bit above budget at the time, so went for a newer more efficient gas combi boiler and improving some of the insulation. It’s on the list to do at some point though. The extra under floor insulation is making a noticeable difference at keeping the kitchen less draughty and warmer, and that’s in the summer. It’s a wooden suspended floor. I’m looking forward to the winter with a warmer kitchen and lower gas usage.

I’ve also since moved to Octopus Energy and installed solar panels. I’m on their Agile tariffs as part of trying to be rewarded to use electric at less carbon intensive times which changes from day to day. They are also able to cap and remove the gas meter for free should we decide to drop the gas completely.

Hi @shaun8818 :wave: I’m sorry to hear that you’ve switched away, I understand though if they’re offering a better tariff!

It sounds like you’ve made some great changes to your property to help reduce the amount of energy you’re using as well as bringing the cost of your bills down. The fact that you’ve noticed a difference already is brilliant, especially in the summer :sun_with_face:

I hope it all goes well if you do chose to install the heat pump :slightly_smiling_face:

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