Moving from SSE Smart Meters & IHD


I’m considering a move from SSE to Bulb but have only recently had smart meters installed. Will the IHD supplied by SSE still work if I switch as I really like being able to track my usage in real time.


If it’s all working properly now, and the meters are SMETS2, then yes, it should work with Bulb (after a brief hiatus during the switch).

But note that Bulb seem to be quite poor if anything goes wrong (especially of late).

Thats a real shame. Part of the reason for going smart meters was so I could monitor my usage. I’m guessing due to covid maybe their customer support is not so good! Takes hour to get through to SSE :frowning:

Hi @Fluxtor - @stevefoster is correct that if your meters are SMETS2 they should continue to transmit readings automatically and the In-Home Display should continue to display usage when you switch to us.

If you have any further questions, let me know and I can drop you a private message with more info. :slight_smile:

Hi Jim, thanks for the response. I’m pretty sure our meters are SMETS2 as they were only installed December 2020. So are you saying all the functions on the In-Home Display will continue to work exactly as they do now?

I would advise you, do not under any circumstances transfer to Bulb. I and many others have had horrendous experiences. They used to good.