Moving Gas and electricity meter and head


I am looking to move the gas meter and the electricity meter and head just a little over a metre on the same wall that it is currently on. I have been advised that it looks like a case of shortening the pipes and cables on one side and lengthening them on the other side in order to facilitate the move. Could you advise how much would this cost? For each element?

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Hi @Rene, you’d be best off ringing Bulb to discuss your particular situation (0300 30 30 635) but you may need the distribution network to get it involved if the distance is more than 1 metre.

Regarding the electricity meter move, does the required move include the consumer unit (the box with all of the breakers/fuses in it)?
If so, this would be something you’d need to get a local tradesperson to do separately . Bulb’s contractors/the distribution network would only move the meter itself.

Basic (<1m) meter moves are around £100 for the electricity meter and £140 for the gas meter if I remember correctly.