Moving gas and electricity meters

Hi there, we are renovating a property and would like a quote to move gas and electricity meters less than 1 metre from original location. Also, could you provide an idea of how long this work takes? Thanks

Hi @katiemcfaul - hope the renovation is going well!

It’ll cost £95 (incl VAT) for the electricity meter and £162 (incl VAT) for the gas.
Both are pretty speedy appointments but we need a bit of notice to get them booked in. We need 10 working days for electricity and 5 for the gas.

Hi Helen, do you use contractors for this service? And is the work subsequently guaranteed?

Hi @katiemcfaul indeed we do use Morrison Data Services to manage our meter moves, repairs, and exchanges. If the meter has technical issues after the move, we will cover subsequent work that is required to repair it.

Hi Andrew and Helen, I also need this service -please could you let me know the best way to book? Thanks

My experience so far - I’m also moving electricity meters less than 1 meter from original location, but the location is on the opposite side an wall. Apparently I need to contact my energy supplier (Bulb), and UK Power Networks. So it may save you time if you tell Bulb as much info about the source and destination of the move.

@Giramondo You’re absolutely right, the more detail we have, the better the advice we’ll be able to give

Hi, has the cost of moving meters increased since last May?

Hi @JnC the cost of moving electricity meters as of 27/02/2018 is £95 (inc VAT) and for gas meters the cost is £185.21 (inc VAT).

Hi Nasir
Does this fee for both meters moving include less than 1m but from inside to outside walls?

Hi duckfreckles - did you get a response to this question - we are wanting to move the gas meter to the outside wall from the inside at a distance of less than 1 meter.

Hi Nasir Does this fee for both meters moving include less than 1m but from inside to outside walls?

Hi both @duckfreckles and @Assimpson - yes it does. We’d recommend checking with your network operator that they won’t need to do any re-wiring or piping too, depending on your particular situation (they might charge separately).

Hi there,

Our meters are pretty old by the look of it, will they also replace it with a more modern one whilst carrying out the work?

It would be good to have them in a more sensible location.


Hi @duckfreckles unfortunately, if your meters are moving from one side of a wall to the other you will need to call the network operators. You can find who they are in your area here: They will advise whether we need to do some work as well.

@dkw the meters installed will either be new or refurbished. If you want to have them moved by more than a metre, you’ll need to contact your network operator, which you can find by entering your postcode here.

To clarify if under 1m no need to let power company know ?? You will do it for a small fee ??


@Lilbowwowky If the move is Under 1m and on the same wall (not one side of the wall to another) then we can move the meter for a smaller fee than the Network Operator would be able to do it.

Current cost is £120 for the meter to be moved.

This is really useful info. I’ve got a variation on this question. I too am having some renovation done and would like to get my outdoor old-style gas meter (Schlumberger) in a big box (sticking out on the facade of the house) put in a semi-buried box. Not sure if this requires a whole new meter or not. Either way, is this something Bulb would be able to do? If so, what would the cost be? Thanks

Hi there, we are extending our property and would like a quote to move the gas meters less than 1 metre from original location inside the house to an external wall mounted box directly to the rear of the existing metre. Also, could you provide an idea of how long this work takes? and if I would need to purchase the exterior box to rehouse the meter or will the company supply this at a cost.

Hi @Pollyesther the price for a gas meter reposition is £185.21. This is a meter move and will not require a new meter. It sounds like something that we will be able to do as long as it is being moved less than 1 meter, if not you will need to contact national grid directly… Having said that, you are in charge of the semi-buried box, which you will need to provide before the job can go ahead. These are easy to get hold of, any hardware store will have them.
@staylor2965, nice to hear from you. Your situation is a little different, as we are going through a wall, you will need to get in touch with national grid directly as we are going through a wall. Then, we can go round and reposition the meter once the pipes have been altered. The cost of this from us will also be £185.21 but there will be an additional charge from nation grid for this service. I hope that helps.