Moving gas and electricity meters

Hi there, we are looking to move both gas and electric meters less than 1 meter. Looking to move them from a cupboard inside the house, to the other side of the wall, so that they are external. Our property was built in 1930 and has very thick exterior walls, will this cause any problems when moving the boxes outside, or is it quite straight forward? Also do we need to purchase a box to cover the meters since they will be external?


@Lindsaygb, this move will be at additional cost than a standard move as the distribution company will have to be involved (as you wish to have the meters moved through a wall).

You’ll also need a local electrician to install new meter tails for your consumer unit to be connected to the new meter (which would have to stay inside).
The customer side gas pipe extension should be included in the quote for the gas meter move but I’d double check this.

External box(es) would need to be installed beforehand by a local tradesperson (your electrician may be able to do this).

I’d not be at all surprised if quotes for the work come in at >£1k if your walls are very thick.

@lindsaygb I agree with @mowcius that your local distribution companies may need to be involved. I might suggest calling them first. You will probably need to make two calls – one to your gas distribution company and the other to your electricity distribution company. If you don’t know who they are, you can call or email us to ask (I can’t see from your Community email what is your Bulb Account and thus don’t know which postcode we’re discussing, or else I could help here), or google the question. (Most distribution companies have a postcode tool to tell you if you’re covered by them.)

If they need to be involved, they should move the pipes / wires on the same day as we move the meter.

Our prices – regardless of whether the distribution companies are involved – are £95.00 for the electricity meter move and £147.40 for the gas meter move. The reason the total cost may be much higher is that the distribution companies may charge you for their work on top of our charges.