Moving gas meter location

Hi, I’m currently in the process of moving my external gas meter due to renovation work. The meter box will be changing from a fully external green box to a semi concealed box, embedded in the outside wall. My question is, will the existing meter fit the new box or will I need a new one?

Hi @stjohn61,

I’ve just replied to another customer’s query about a similar move (see ), but by looks of things if it’s just being moved on the same wall (i.e. not from internal to external or vice versa) and only a couple of meters/feet, you probably don’t need to contact the local distribution network operator (DNO) for this - just a local ‘gas safe’ engineer to move the existing pipe work from your old meter location to the new one and Bulb to actually move the meter itself.

According to information in that thread (from another thread), for the Gas meter it would be £185.21 and Bulb should be able to advise if your existing meter will fit into the new box (as I’ll guess it’ll depend on the exact type of meter) - they might just give you a new meter anyway. The only way to know the specifics for your particular circumstances, would be to drop Bulb an email directly at (or call them on 0300 30 30 635 at ) with the details (if you could include the meter model, size of the new box, how far you need to move it and confirm it’s not ‘crossing walls’, I’m sure they’ll appreciate that information up front!).