Moving gas meter

Hello, we need to move our gas meter by less than 1 metre, I see OvoEnergy published a page with prices and procedures can you explain the process and charges with Bulb? Many thanks, Fulvio

Hi @fulvio - thanks for checking in on this!

We need at least 5 working days notice to book an appointment, which can either take place in the morning or afternoon of a weekday.

The cost is about £95 (it may vary slightly depending on the materials needed for the job). Ideally, it would be great if you could send us a photograph of the location of the meter so we can check that it’s a simple move.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Hi Helen, thank you for you reply. I have taken a few photos, where should I send them? Best, Fulvio

@fulvio you can send it into and we’ll pick it up there :slight_smile:

Hello. I would also like to move my gas meter. It is under the stairs and can only be accessed through a little window in the kitchen. I basically just want it turned round so I can get to it from under the stairs and bolt that window.
How much would that cost? Thsnkbyiu