Moving home but unsure about gas/electricity supply

I will be moving into a new flat in a few weeks time and would like to stay with Bulb. I know that my new flat has electric heating and an electric hob but I am unsure if it may use gas for something else at all. I also don’t know whether it has a prepayment meter (which wouldn’t work with Bulb). I would like to sign up my new property to Bulb now so that the supply can start when I move in - but I am not sure whether i can sign up without knowing the exact gas/electricity details. Can anyone advice please?

Hi @mka34

We don’t recommend you switch supplier until you’ve moved into a property due to situations like this. That does mean you will be supplied by another supplier for 3 weeks, but this is the case for all house moves and it’s best to do things this way.

You will still have supply of electricity and gas to the property, so please don’t worry about that.

If you find you have prepayment meters, you can also still sign up at or you can have the current supplier replace the meter for you.