Moving home - cancelling service


I’ve been happily using Bulb since the New Year, but am now selling my flat and moving into a house owned by my partner (don’t worry - he’s switching to Bulb too!) but I need to tell Bulb that I’m moving out and cancel my direct debit. How should I go about this?


Hi Laura

Great question.

First off, congrats! And good luck with lugging around all those wardrobes. Luckily, sorting out energy is one of the easiest parts of moving home.

It’s super important to let us know when you’re moving out so that we know to stop charging you for the energy at that property. Email your final meter reads to us at as soon as your tenancy agreement ends, or your sale is completed, and you are no longer responsible for the energy of the property. Without these, your final bill will be produced using estimates. If we’ve had recent meter readings, estimates are usually pretty accurate, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Also, if you have them, please pass on the details of the new resident in the property so that we’re up to date. Since we’ll be supplying them, we need to get in touch.

We’ll use your final readings to send you a final statement and close your account. If you’re in credit we’ll refund this straight back to you, and if you’re in debt you’ll need to settle the bill.

In your new home, there will already be a supplier. Whether or not you’d like to take us with you, you should definitely take the time to look into your energy. When people move in, they’re often on a “deemed” tariff, which is usually a lot more expensive than a standard or fixed tariff, so it’s really not worth putting this one off.

To Do:

  1. Contact the supplier at your new home and give them opening readings, so they don’t start charging you for the previous occupier’s usage

They will probably have sent a letter. If you don’t know who they are, just give us a ring and we can help find out who to call

  1. Give us a shout and we’ll apply to switch it to Bulb

This takes 3 weeks. We’ll speak to the current supplier.

  1. Take a meter reading on the switch date

We’ll send this to the previous supplier so they can send you a final bill

And that’s it. Easy.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a great evening