Moving home whilst keeping Bulb not working

Hi, we were existing Bulb customers and moved to our new home which was already supplied by Bulb. We clicked on the “Move Home” button which should’ve eased things up.

Few days later we received the refund after the final bill in the old property.

After that, we received a bill for the new property and a request to set up our direct debit. We did that.

However, we still log in our account and it says “Your account is now closed, but you can stil sign in…” and the old address.

What should we do, open a new account? But what about the direct debit and the bill with the new address? We’d like to refer friends and this is currently not possible.

Please help.

Thank you.

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I have exactly the same issue and looking for help as well.

Hello there my guess is centered around the unique supply number attached to each individual property address. This does not alter and remains the same so in theory you are the new caretaker to the new supply number Hope this makes sense Good Luck enjoy your new home

Thanks for the reply @k60toole. But how or when do we get our online account to reflect this? Do we need to do anything? So far it shows as closed with the old address…

When you have multiple properties attached to one email address with Bulb, there’s a hidden drop-down list in the top left hand corner somewhere that allows you to switch between properties. Never seen it myself, I’m not rich enough :grinning:, just heard about it from others on here.

Failing that, you’ll have to contact Bulb to get them to update the account for you.

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