Moving home with Bulb

We are currently with Bulb in our rental property and have just bought a house. I want to use Bulb at the new house - but when I go through the moving home section and it asks for my current provider - in the drop down menu I can’t see Bulb? Also we are moving in over a couple of weeks so we want to keep our account going at our current address as well as start it at our new address - so there will be an overlap - is this feasible?

If you brought a property, even if it is a ‘new build’, it will have an existing supplier (called in these circumstances ‘the deemed supplier’). You will automatically be put on that supplier’s default tariff but with ‘no contract’ once you take possession of the property, you should be able to find out who is the deemed supplier and start switching to Bulb (with the 21 day switch over delay). You can’t start the migration before hand as it’s technically not your property until you take possession/deeds are switched.

If you don’t know who the deemed supplier is (I would have expected them to send out a ‘To the current occupier’ postal notification on the date the old owner notified them they would be moving out), OFGEM has a couple of recommendations at .

As for concurrent running (this is what we’ve done when we’ve moved house before - ensure there is a couple of weeks overlap to ensure the move goes correctly), I would guess you’d have to sign up the new property first (see - basically just sign up for a new account using the same username and password) and then do a ‘Moving Home’ for the old property with the appropriate date.