Moving home

I am moving home but would like to keep bulb as my supplier. I have looked a bulbs website but can’t seem to find any details on moving home.


Hi Eilis,

We’re redesigning the Help page but for now, here’s the information you need:

  1. Once you have taken responsibility for the property you can switch the energy supplier of the new address.
    The switch takes 21 days to complete, so there will be a short period of usage for which you will need to pay the existing supplier.

  2. Then to sign up to Bulb, the quickest way to generate a quote and request a switch is through our website.

  3. Once you have requested the switch we do all the leg-work. We contact your old supplier to let them know you are switching. Then on the switch date we will ask for an opening meter readings, which we will also share with the old supplier to use on your final bill with them.

  4. Once you’ve moved in I would suggest you also take a meter reading on the day you move in to give to the existing supplier (then you will have a reading from your move in, and when you switch to Bulb, so you will only get billed for that consumption). You should also let them know you’ve moved in to make sure they don’t object to the switch over to Bulb.

Hope that’s clear for you!