Moving home

I just went through the site to inform bulb I’m moving home.
I’m moving into my rental on the 24th August but not completing on my current home on 31st August so there’s a week crossover while we move everything over. Ideally I would start supply at my rental on 24th but keep my current supply til 31st as I will be moving frequently between the 2 properties for a week and would like to be able to turn the lights on!! If that wasn’t enough complication when I submitted the request the site said they would start supplying me on 4th September!!! So I will potentially be without power at my rental for 2 weeks! Surely there must be some easier way to manage this…

Hi Cheryl,

You’ll still have supply, no matter what - it’s just that the current supplier of the property will carry on supplying it until the 4th of September when we take it over.

All the best,