Moving home

Hi I have moved home & a little bit confused about my account and transferring.
Going round in circles a little.
Can someone get in touch thanks!

Exactly the same here. I’m a bit baffled

Hey there @CMo and @clarry909

Here’s a handy article to help you both out with moving home and taking Bulb with you!

I think the reason it seemed so baffling is that you give the impression that by staying with Bulb (happy to do so btw) you are just transferring but you’re not. You effectively have to start all over again giving bank details etc.

Hi guys, the move out button on the bulb account is just to let us know the date that you’re moving out of the property, after that switching your new house is a whole new switch (as energy suppliers we supply properties, rather than people) as @clarry909 says. It’s definitely something we should look at making a little clearer, thanks