Moving home

Hey peeps, I’m moving house next month and I want to take you with me. (I just can’t bring myself to part from you).

I’ve done all the steps from my profile to move house but there was a few issues in setting up the transfer. In fact, the whole journey itself felt really disjointed. The date of moving out is correct, but for some reason, the transfer said that I would start getting billed on the 13th… What?

Anyway, I’ve spoken to the live chat wizard and they are going to fix it up for me, which has lead me to write this post.

Have you ever considered including a moving in and out dates or progress bar in the customer’s bulb profile page? It might just be me not reading things properly but you just something to show you that everything is all ok when you go back into your profile, rather than just being given your tariff details and submit meter reading etc…

It’s also a little confusing at the end of the “moving house” bit to get sent a whole new journey where you put in your card details and email address and password again where it seems like you’re creating a new account. (I had to start it twice to make sure I wasn’t creating a new account.) In this case, it feels like you need to ask “do you want to bring us to move in with you?” type question during the bit where we tell you we’re moving house. Then you can finish the journey, not need to add card details and email addresses again. (Easier when you’re on the move as well.)

So just some ideas I wanted to put forward.

Update: It turns out the only way bulb can change my switch date is if I cancel my switch now, and then sign up again on Saturday. Because the switch takes 3 weeks, I need to do it 3 weeks before my move date. This should be made clearer when we start the moving house process. :frowning:

3 weeks is a quite long. What happens if you only have 2 weeks between exchange and completion (which is what we will possibly have).
No way we can arrange switch over before exchange