Moving House and referral credit

So since joining bulb i recommend you to EVERYONE, I love what you stand for and the customer service has always been great!
I currently have 3 referrals ongoing, one due to complete on 9th April and 2 on 16th April. Now that’s £150 in referral credit- amazing! However, i am due to move house on 8th April. I obviously will be switching the new house to you ASAP but would you be able to honour my £150 referral credit onto my new account once it’s up and running? (All 3 friends will be on supply with you by then).
I’m afraid i spoke to an advisor earlier and he didn’t understand my predicament. He told me to just use one of my friends referral links to set the new account up… this would still leave me £150 down as I would have done this anyway. I’m hoping you can help and apply the credit manually once my switch over has taken place? I will be able to provide emails showing the referal confirmation that i recieved when each friend signed up.

I’m going to bump this because I have a similar query

For goodness sake READ the terms and conditions about not allowed to post referral liinks on this Community forum.