Moving House - Change of move date

I’ve provided Bulb with the date I’m moving home, that date has now changed, how do I update this information? Leaving Bulb temporarily until our new home is ready.

I’m in the same boat. Can’t seem to find a way to do it

I called using the number from the website, Bulb answered the line quicker than I expected and they are updating the date for me. Thanks

Hi @terryjd,

As @Lord_Weaver said, you’ll probably need to contact Bulb directly via email or telephone - these contact details (along with their live chat) can be found on . Personally, if both dates (old and new moving dates) are more than a week in the future, I’ll just drop them an email as it’s not that urgent - but if either of them are in the next day or so, I’d give them a call. Hope it helps!