Moving house - final reading?

I just spoke to one of your advisers about a future house move, they said no worries just do it all online. You can specify it as a date in the future and we’ll send you a reminder for the final reads. Except I can’t, as the final date on our current tenancy is 12th March and despite this being in the future, it wont let me proceed without giving a final meter read!

Hi @victoria4642, if you select a move out date that’s in the next 5 days (so the 12th is right on the limit for you) we ask for readings straight away, as we can consider them final if they’re submitted at least 5 days before they day you move out. If you were to select a date that’s more than 5 days away, we wouldn’t ask for readings as part of the move out wizard and we’d send you the reminder 5 days before you move out. So feel free to submit your move out request online - hope that makes sense!