Moving house help

Hello, I’ve recently moved house and wanted to take Bulb with me so I clicked on the ‘moving house’ link and followed the instructions, gave my final meter readings etc. A message popped up asking me to click on another link if I wanted to take Bulb with me, so I did and completed my new address. I then received an email asking for the meter readings for the new address but when I click on the link ‘submit meter readings’ it takes me back to my old property account with no options to submit meter readings for my new address. Any ideas what I should do? TIA

but seriously suggest you contact bulb by “chat” as the phones are dpwn until 14:00
wouldn’t bother to email

Exactly the same thing happened to me. I keep getting emails telling me to enter final readings but the link just takes me to the community, I can’t enter any final readings. What do we do?!

You email Bulb regarding the issue and make sure you keep a copy of the email, then you take date stamped pictures of the meters.

Then contact via phone or chat.

Do you have a phone number for them? I’ve not been able to find one. Thanks!

Found one, rang it and they’ve merged my accounts. Yay!