Moving house, meter questions

I’m currently with bulb (only for a few months) but soon will be moving house. Until we view the property we don’t know what sort of meter is at the new property.
If it’s a prepayment meter what are my options? Is bulb able to arrange to have the meter changed? Are bulb offering prepayment methods yet?

@Pretzel40k At the moment you are not able to switch to us if you have prepayment meters. You would for now, have to sign up with another supplier and get them to change the meters if you would like to still switch to us.

@Pretzel40k, from a number of comments on here, I believe Bulb are looking to start supplying prepay meters this month, so with any luck you’d be all set whatever the meter is.

The new property will be supplied by some company when you move in though and a switch to a credit meter should be free so getting it switched before a switch to Bulb shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m hoping to get it switched if it is a prepayment meter but have no experience of the procedure.
Are electricity suppliers allowed to charge for or deny the changing of the meter?

@Pretzel40k that’s a great question.

Here’s a link to Citizen’s advice for information on changing your prepay meter to a normal meter :slight_smile: