Moving house - new account?

My partner an me are moving house.
We are currently with bulb and the new address has a different provider.
My partner wants to take over the payments for electricity and gas.
Can I close my bulb account and refer him when he opens the account at the new address or is there anything in the T&Cs against that?

Referring the new property in a different name should be ok.

The timing is the problem. Referrals are of course paid only if you are a customer with Bulb. If the order of events is exactly as you describe “close my bulb account and refer him when he opens the account” then it wont work because you don’t have an active account with Bulb any more.

Unless you’ll hold legal responsibility for both properties simultaneously you wont be able to refer. There will need to be at least a month of overlap, to give time to register with the current providers at the new property, and to allow the necessary 3 weeks for the switch to Bulb to complete.

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Thank you! That’s helpful