Moving House Overlap

I am moving (selling) house at the end of November BUT have taken ownership of rental, so I have an overlap. Do I just create a new account with Bulb for the 2nd property and close the 1st when I move out ?

Is the new 2nd property supplied by Bulb? You need to contact whoever is supplying the property and arrange to pay them.

For your 1st property you should give you closing readings on the day the house is sold and you no are no longer legally responsible for the bills. This may not coincide with the day you move out. You’re still liable for the bills even if you move out, until the day you sell the property. Assuming everything is turned off then these bills will be only the standing charge. Bear in mind that if you’re not able to submit meter readings then Bulb will estimate your usage, and the estimate will assume that you’re still living there so will be higher than the actual usage. Ideally you still need to visit the property once per month to read the meters, until the house is sold, so you’ll be able to see if anything has been unexpectedly left on. If you can’t do this, don’t worry about the estimates being too high, it’ll sort itself out when you make your final read and hand over the property to the new owners.

thanks that’s really helpful.