Moving house


We are moving house and I would like to take Bulb with me.

I wasn’t able to find an article on this here on your support site.

What is the process?


Hey @geirmund - welcome to the Bulb community! Great to have you on here…

Congrats on the move hope the process is going smoothly.

Excellent question and thanks for highlighting that we don’t have a dedicated article on this. We’ll get onto that right away.

But in the meantime - it’s really easy to stay with Bulb.

First thing is to take meter readings of you old property and send these to us. We’ll then produce a final bill to those readings.

For the new address, the switch will take 3 weeks, but don’t worry you’ll always have electricity and gas!

On the day you move in, take a set of readings then give the existing suppliers a call to let them know you are now responsible for the property and give them the readings.

Once you’ve done this, let us know and we can apply to take over the new property, continuing your current tariff. We’ll do everything - all we’ll need is you to give us the readings on the switch date (three weeks after you move in).

What date are you first responsible for the new address? This is the first date you can ring the existing suppliers and we can apply for the switch.

In terms of the payments, we will transfer any credit/debit balance from the old property to your new property account. Are the properties similar sizes? We may need to adjust your monthly payment amount if so. After the switch, the previous suppliers will send you final bills from the day you moved in to the day you switched to Bulb, using your move in and switch readings.

I hope that explains the process - let me know if you have any questions?

Happy to have an energy specialist give you call too if needed…

Hi Matthew,

I had the same question however the house we’re moving into is a brand new build so we don’t have an “existing supplier” to contact! What would the process be in this case? We need you from the start :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

Hi @davef,

We’d love to be able to connect you to the grid and everything, but at the moment it’s not something we’d be able to do. We haven’t set up all the systems for it yet. Your best get is to get one of the big 6 to connect you, and then you can switch to us as soon as you’re sorted.

Let us know if you need any advice with it though. We’d be happy to help.