Moving house


I’m moving house on the 23rd of June so was wondering about how to go about closing my account?

Also, my account is massively in credit at the moment; how can I get this refunded?


Hey @jofield. Thanks for getting in touch!

For your old address, on the date you’re no longer responsible for bills (eg. sale or end of tenancy), take a set of meter readings and let us know these and the date. We’ll close the account and issue a final bill. If you’re in credit, we’ll refund this to you, or we can transfer this to your new property account if you want to switch to Bulb at the new place! B)

We’re moving o the 16th this Friday. I want you to continue supplying me in the new house, do you need starting meter reads in the new house also?

Hi @seardarren

If you’d like us to supply your new address, the easiest way is to head to and sign up online. The process takes 3 weeks so at this point we won’t be supplying your new property the day you move in and you may have to set up an account with the current supply and then switch.

As they will want to bill you for that short period of usage.otherwise they might object to the switch.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi @shaunagh

Following up - I have now moved house as of the 23rd and have notified you on this date.
How long should I expect it to take to recieve a final bill and have a refund of the remaining money within my account?


Hi @jofield - we have now sent out your final bill and have sent you the refund of your final credit - this will be with you in the next few days :slight_smile: